1) App Development Initiation

We make sure that the client knows that we care about their business. As a client you don’t care how much we know until you know how much we care.


2) User Interface Research

We conduct competitor analysis, use mobile and web analytics to assess user behavior and preferences. We analyze the mobile landscape and envision a design that will be intuitive and feel natural.

3) Mobile App Sketching

Clients can provide the user interface they designed for the mobile app. Or with pencil and paper we sketch the rough drafts of the user interface and system flow of the application.   We refine the sketches together.



4) User Interface Wireframes

We transform the refined sketches into detailed, annotated wireframes that the client can see before we build the mobile application.

5) Mobile App Logo

This is when we start to visualize the brand and the big picture of the application. Our designers create draft models of your logo, we select a few of the best and refine them together.



6) Execution

We execute what we plan. This is when lines of code get written. Both front end and back end developers lay down the foundation of the application. We show the client and our future business partners that we are a top quality mobile app development company.

7) Project Management

The project managers ensure that the resource, time and effort of the projects are systematically monitored and controlled to meet customer expectations and deadlines. Regular communication and reviews with the customers help us control the direction of the project and deliver the best product possible.



8) Prototype

A prototype of the application is provided to the client for feedback and review. Our developers then take the feedback and incorporate it into the next update. We refine until we have a polished product. There could be anywhere from 2-5 updates and versions.

9) Delivery

The project managers conduct a closing meeting to seek customer feedback. The feedback helps us to evaluate our performance and aim at constant improvement. Lessons learned throughout the project are acknowledged and discussed among the team. We become business partners!


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